Horse Leasing at Kiefer Ranch

But for those who are not quite ready to make the step to horse ownership, horse leasing is an excellent option.

Horse Leasing: What It Is and How It Works

Horse leasing is an increasingly popular option for those who want to experience the joys of horse ownership without the long-term commitment and financial investment that comes with purchasing a horse outright.

Horse leasing at Kiefer Ranch provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their riding skills and bond with a horse before committing to purchasing one. 

With horse leasing, individuals or families can lease a horse for a set period of time, typically ranging from several months to a year or more.

At its core, horse leasing is a type of rental agreement where the lessee pays a fee to use the horse, and in return, receives the right to ride and care for the horse during the lease period.

The details of each lease agreement can vary depending on the needs and preferences of both us and the person leasing the horse.

Types of Horse Leasing

At Keifer Ranch, we offer two types of horse leasing arrangements that can be customized to suit your needs:

Full Lease: In a full lease, the lessee has exclusive access to the horse for the duration of the lease period. This means that the lessee is responsible for all aspects of the horse’s care, including feed, board, and veterinary expenses.

Half Lease: In a half lease, two individuals split the cost and responsibility of caring for a horse. The horse is typically ridden and cared for by each party on alternating days.

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