Boarders have access to private, dedicated, equestrian trails maintained by the ranch. The trails wind throughout the ranch and are a wonderful way to relax and escape. 


We offer instruction for all ages and levels in Western horsemanship. With beautiful facilities, an open arena, round pen, and cross country trails we are dedicated to your journey.


At Kiefer Ranch, you’re part of the family! We promote a special sense of community, responsibility, and friendship with frequent riding camps, camping trips, and events.

Benefits of Boarding Your Horse

Horse boarding, also known as horse stabling, is the practice of keeping horses in a facility specifically designed for their care and accommodation.

The boarding facilities we provide at Kiefer Ranch range from simple pasture boarding to stall boarding.

Horse boarding offers a host of perks for horse owners, including convenient access to experienced care providers, access to specialized facilities and equipment, and opportunities for socialization and exercise.

One of the primary benefits of horse boarding is access to experienced care providers. Horse boarding facilities typically employ knowledgeable staff members who are trained in horse care, management, and first aid. This means that horse owners can rest easy knowing that their animals are being cared for by professionals who understand their needs and are equipped to provide high-quality care. In addition, horse boarding facilities often have veterinarians on call, which can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency.

Most boarding facilities typically offer a range of amenities designed to keep horses comfortable and healthy. These may be riding arenas, round pens, wash racks, and stables. By boarding their horses at a facility that offers these amenities, owners can ensure that their horses are well-cared for and comfortable, even in challenging weather conditions.

Horse boarding also offers opportunities for socialization and exercise. Our boarding facility has large pastures or paddocks where horses can graze and play together. This can be a great way for horses to socialize with other animals and develop critical social skills. In addition, Kiefer Ranch partners with A Glass Horse to offer riding lessons or training programs, which can provide horses with structured exercise and help them develop new skills. By boarding your horses at our, owners can ensure that their animals are getting the socialization and exercise they need to thrive.

Horse owners who board their animals at a facility can enjoy the convenience of having a team of experienced care providers on hand to handle everything from feeding and watering to mucking stalls and administering medication. This can be a real time-saver for busy owners who may not have the time or resources to care for their animals on their own.

Another benefit of horse boarding is peace of mind. By boarding their horses at a facility, owners can rest easy knowing that their animals are safe and secure. Boarding facilities typically have security measures in place, such as locked gates and surveillance cameras, which can deter theft and unauthorized access. In addition, many facilities have strict protocols in place for handling emergencies, such as fires or severe weather events, which can help ensure the safety of both horses and humans.

Finally, horse boarding can be a great way to build relationships with other horse owners and enthusiasts. We host events all year round from trail rides, clinics, and community events which can be a great way to meet like-minded individuals and share tips and advice on horse care and training. By participating in these events, horse owners can expand their knowledge and skills and build lasting relationships with others in the equestrian community.

Whether you are a competitive rider, a hobbyist, or simply looking for a safe and comfortable place to keep your animals, boarding your horse at Kiefer Ranch is an excellent option to consider. By taking advantage of the many perks of horse boarding, you can ensure that your animals are healthy and happy.

Join us at the end of April as we head to Oklahoma!

We are very excited to head out to our first camping trip of the year at the end of April! The park offers 100+ miles of trails to ride.